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Champ w/Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep

Wrangler 2010 AB

eForce Burnisher


M1 Pig Vacuum

m1 pig valuum

When seeking equipment for janitorial cleaning – a floor scrubber, floor sweeper, burnisher, polisher or wet/dry vacuum system, we will contribute our expertise and assist your choice to determine which machine will best suit your purpose.

We keep parts inventory and equipment supplies on site – offering continued support and service for repair and maintenance for all your floor cleaning equipment and specialized needs, ensuring that your operation runs smoothly at all times.

Rental Equipment Available

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Repairs & Service Available

Floor cleaning equipment may be scheduled for short term or long term – For lasting reliability and quality in service – Call in at our location or visit our links to find out more information.

As a small business, our team is totally committed to customer care and quality service – our time and unreserved attention to detail, honesty and integrity guaranteed.

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